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Digital Marketing (Getting Started)


Digital Marketing Getting Started is an online course that has been specially prepared to take you through proven functional digital marketing strategies. To start you will learn about the AIDA marketing funnel process, and how to create an online marketing flow that funnels the right customers. The course describes the various steps that occur when a person enters the awareness stage of a marketing funnel to when a decision is made. In the past, AIDA was used by sales copywriters who printed ads in publications. Today, many people teach copywriting based on the AIDA principle without realizing its usage. This course provides an in-depth analysis of the AIDA marketing funnel and how to utilize its full potentials. It describes a customer’s journey through the AIDA funnel. The biggest mistake people make when marketing is moving a potential customer to the action phase. This course will teach you about the different steps in the AIDA marketing funnel and guide you through building your own AIDA marketing funnel. If you want to learn about ethical marketing and the features of a good AIDA marketing funnel, this course comes highly recommended.

Email Marketing is important and highly recommended in any business. If you want to learn email marketing tactics and how to use email marketing to develop a better relationship with your customers, you should complete this course. Email marketing can be complex and cost-intensive. However, this course will take you through comprehensive illustrations to make your learning process easy. By the end of this course, you will be able to effectively implement email marketing strategies using Wix at a minimal cost. This course illustrates how to create a landing page and use Wix landing pages to build an email list. You will learn how to set up an email auto response sequence and how to turn emails into Passive Income with an auto response sequence. Also, you will learn how to send email shout outs through Wix. This course illustrates copywriting tips to help you write better ads and emails that will earn you a click. In email marketing, sending chunks of emails does not give the desired result of having customers subscribe or click your link. This course will teach you the keys to remember when pitching products or emails.

Furthermore, everyone can create a webinar. However, not every webinar is successful. There basic criteria for creating a successful webinar. Also, there are formats that need to be implemented. What works for you? Who is your target audience? Will they prefer life or pre-recorded webinar? This course will discuss in detail these criteria and formats. How do you get a potential audience from social media to the sale? This course will teach you how to utilize social media and marketing strategies. You can use every method of information sharing at your disposal and still get a very disappointing turnout at your webinar. This course will teach you how to use the information-sharing techniques effectively to drive traffic to your webinar. You will learn about certain mistakes that must be considered during a webinar. This course distinguishes presentations from webinars and shares various presentation tips. The learning contents in this course are crucial for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, business personnel and anyone interested in an excellent working knowledge of digital and email marketing. So, register for this course and start your next learning.


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