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A Complete Guide to Google AdSense & YouTube


Learn the skills necessary to monetize your website or YouTube account through adverts with this free online course.

This online introductory course on Google AdSense & YouTube aims to educate aspiring and long-time YouTubers and/or website developers on monetizing their website and channels by applying for a Google AdSense account. Have you ever wondered why so many ads keep appearing on so many of your favorite websites? How are the ads beneficial to the website’s owner? All of these and many more questions are answered in this all-inclusive tutorial.
A Google AdSense account is beneficial to the advertiser, but is also advantageous to the person whose channel or website the advert is showing on and this Google AdSense course kicks off by taking you through all the steps needed to create a YouTube account as well as a Google AdSense account, the latter which needs to be applied for with Google. The content covers all the requirements that need to be met for your channel or website to form part of the AdSense network, the specifications involved and some tips on increasing your chances of approval. What is also included in this section is how to optimize your YouTube channel for AdSense and the importance of writing blogs and publishing suitable content in the AdSense approval process.


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