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Easy Korean for Beginners

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About Course

Korean popular culture is becoming a worldwide phenomenon and now is the time to start learning the Korean language. This beginner level course will introduce you to the Korean alphabet (called 한글 ‘Hangul’) and the building block syllables of the language. This course studies the history of Hangul, modern slang and cultural etiquettes and is a great foundation on which to build your Korean language proficiency..

Are you a fan of K-Pop? Have you ever watched K-Drama? Korean popular culture is taking over the world and is just one of many reasons to start learning the language today. Presented by Uni, a native speaker, this beginner level Korean language course teaches you the basics you need to start your learning journey. Beginning with the historical background of the Hangul alphabet, you will learn about its characteristics and creation. Next, you will get the hang of the basic consonants and vowels, followed by consonant sets and combined vowel sets that collectively make up the building blocks of the language.

After covering the basic alphabet, you will be taught how to use the letters to structure and write syllables. You will then be introduced to corresponding words as you begin to build your Korean vocabulary. As you progress, the instructor presents the correct pronunciation of words so you may learn to speak fluently as well as read and write. In addition to popular slang and conversation basics, we go over tips and tricks on the rules of cultural etiquette. This gives you a well-rounded and unique perspective on the usage of the language. The course is rounded off with a review section that goes over all the material taught, allowing you to revise the content as you go.

This course is designed for beginners, presented in-depth and easily understandable. Each topic builds on the previous one to allow you to master the Korean writing system and expand your knowledge of the language. Uni is a lively and engaging instructor who brings fun and authenticity to the lessons, keeping you interested throughout the course. If you want to upgrade your language skills, enroll now and start your journey to learn Korean today!


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What Will You Learn?

  • List all the Hangul consonants and vowels
  • Describe how to write Hangul letters
  • Recognize the correct structure of Korean words
  • Explain the basic structure of Korean sentences
  • Translate some basic Korean words
  • Discuss common everyday conversations in Korean
  • Analyze the Korean culture and language
  • Recall how to do basic introductions and greetings
  • Identify some popular Korean slang words
  • Describe how to pronounce Korean words correctly

Course Content

Korean for Beginners

  • Syllable Types
  • Six Basic Vowels
  • Four Basic Consonants
  • Basic Vowels With (Y) Sound
  • Consonant Sets – Part 1
  • Consonant Sets – Part 2
  • test
  • Combined Vowels – Part 1
  • Combined Vowels – Part 2
  • Last Consonants
  • test 2
  • Reviewing The Basics – Part 1
  • Reviewing The Basics – Part 2
  • Reviewing The Basics – Part 3
  • Lesson Summary

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