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4 steps to start your T-shirt business with Starxbud

4 steps to start your T-shirt business with Starxbud

I’m about to tell you a little story, something most people can relate to. A simple story of a young business minded child, my story.

While growing up, I always had dreams of being my own boss. Due to the fact that I was a born creative, a total fashion freak and very art inclined, I resolved to start up my own fashion line.
Starting a fashion line could be hectic, so just like I did, you can decide to start up with one product item first and then gradually begin to add other fashion items.

Here are a few steps to starting your T-shirt business with Starxbud.

1. Choose a package within your budget
Specify your budget and get us to deliver services of premium quality. There’s no segregation with Starxbud, we have a budget for everyone.

2. Business branding
Now that you have chosen a package within your budget, you get to receive full business business branding inclusive of ad campaigns.

3. Product designs and packaging
Not everyone is ingenious enough to generate their own designs and this is why we have have a reservoir of designs which you can select from. In any case, if you already created your own design samples, we can work with that. We also help you package your goods, ready for sale.

4. Online marketing and sales.
We can assist you with setting up your online presence thereby increasing your chances of making great sales from your comfort zone.

Starting your own business is not always easy especially when you have to deal with doing everything on your own.
Starxbud is here to change that narrative making starting up as easy as it could get, we look forward to working with you.

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